Our Vision:          “School of choice, best in Cyprus”


Welcome to Near East Junior College British Programme, where educational excellence meets a rich tradition of pioneering private education in the Republic of Northern Cyprus.

With decades of experience, Near East proudly introduced its inaugural British

Programme in Yeniboğaziçi in September 2022, rapidly expanding to Lefkoşa and Girne. Our cohesive team of Headteachers, senior leaders, and teachers collaborates closely to elevate teaching standards and enrich opportunities for our students. At Near East, our schools are not just institutions; they are vibrant communities where both students and staff diligently work together, fostering a supportive and ambitious environment.


Within our educational institutions, seasoned leaders proficient in guiding

educational development actively drive school improvement. While our schools share a fundamental set of core values and principles, we are committed to preserving

each school’s unique identity, ensuring that it remains deeply rooted in and responsive to its local community.


Aligned with the National Curriculum for England, our British Programme serve as beacons of education, providing a framework that we adapt to offer a conceptual, integrated, and enriched learning experience for our young learners. We intricately

weave the local context into our curriculum, allowing children to connect with their surroundings, fostering a deeper understanding of their learning objectives. Our goal is to make learning both memorable and enjoyable, and we recognise that granting children ownership of their learning, when appropriate, is crucial for their success.


Beyond traditional subjects, we emphasise the significance of the arts, physical

education, computing, science, humanities, and character development, as they are just as integral to a child’s holistic development as core academic subjects. Through a comprehensive approach, our students are prepared and equipped to face the

challenges and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. We aspire to mould critical thinkers who are resilient, resourceful, and collaborative problem-solvers. It is

through the delivery of a relevant and engaging curriculum that we achieve these educational goals.


At Near East, we believe that everyone within our educational community should serve as a role model, fostering respect for one another, the learning process, our community, and the environment. While academic achievement and progress are

undeniably crucial, we equally prioritise the happiness and safety of our students. By prioritising the well-being of our children and providing them with the necessary

skills and tools for learning, we are confident that we will achieve academic success in a nurturing and positive environment.


As you explore our website, we hope to convey the essence of Near East Junior College British Programme. However, nothing compares to experiencing it firsthand. If you are new to the country, please reach out to schedule an appointment to tour our school. For existing parents and carers, know that you are regularly invited to be part of our school community.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome you to Near East Junior College British Programme and share in the joy of learning and growth with your child.