We aim to raise our students as creative, self-confident, productive individuals with developed aesthetic feelings through painting. Although our course is considered within the whole of general education, it is a field with its own educational laws and methods. Our art lesson provides the students with the opportunity to paint and make their perceptions and thoughts visible, express themselves and their feelings, and depict a sense of their world through art.

Our Principles

  • Every child is creative.
  • Every child has individual differences.
  • Two and three-dimensional works are included in the applications.
  • Our course is not considered as a continuous application area of other courses.
  • Making the art course interesting correlates with the child's curiosity and passion.
  • Harmful factors are avoided.
  • It is tailored for our students.
  • Theoretical information is provided during learning and practicing art.

Scope of the Course

  • Two-dimensional works (linear-colorful)
  • Three-dimensional works (modeling-design)
  • Renowned artists and their works

Course Implementation

  • Introducing the subject
  • Determination of the framework
  • Clarification of purpose and behavior
  • Completion of pre-lesson preparations
  • Motivation to prepare the student
  • Conducting the study
  • Completion of the work and leaving the workspace clean
  • Evaluation


  • The originality of the work done
  • Ability to receive, apply and analyze the given artistic medium
  • Expressive power
  • Ability to use time, tools and equipment
  • His/her willingness and interest in working and ability to concentrate on his/her work
  • Ability to work regularly
  • General development (whether he/she made any progress during the studies).

Near East Yeniboğaziçi Junior College carries out art educational activities by taking into account the principles, scope, implementation, and evaluation of the art lesson.