Physical Education and Sports

As Physical Education and Sports Department, our vision is to provide contribution to the physical, spiritual and mental development of our students through scientific methods while teaching them the sports branches and basic techniques and skills concerning these branches. Our physical education and sports program is tailored to help our children develop and maintain not only their physical, mental, and emotional health but also their motor skills, endurance, and strength required for good performance in different games and sports activities. Furthermore, it constitutes the core of our vision to raise generations who know themselves, sincerely assimilate playing and competing fairly, appreciating winning by admitting defeat, being against cheating and injustice.

Our physical education and sports courses cover not only the subjects specified in the relevant curriculum of the Ministry of National Education and Culture but also Eurofit tests that have been used in many schools across the world. Starting from grade 2, we implement Eurofit ability tests to track the students' physical development levels and guide them to sport branches including applicable sports, balancing sports, and track sports in line with their interests and abilities. We use a set of Eurofit tests to test each student in terms of flexibility, speed, endurance, strength, and motor skills. The data acquired by testing our children are then processed into the computer and used accordingly to the purpose.

The Euro-Fit test results are of importance in terms of providing a contribution to the formation of our school teams. Once the data is evaluated, the children are guided to the infrastructure of the relevant sports branch(es) accordingly to their abilities and competencies. In infrastructure groups, performance-oriented training is carried out under the guidance of trainers and teachers who are experts in their fields.

While raising elite athletes, who will form the infrastructure of the sport branches that Near East Yeniboğaziçi Junior College aims to contest in, we conduct eliminations by assessing and evaluating their technical and performance developments at certain periods.

These eliminations continue until they start the 4th grade. Once eliminations are concluded, the remaining children take part in school teams and represent our school in races and competitions. Our children in our teams provide support to the infrastructure of the club teams of the Near East University as well.

Near East Yeniboğaziçi Junior College participates in a wide range of sports contests including Football, Futsal, Basketball, Handball, Badminton, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, and Athletics, as well as the road runs held annually on November 15 and December 27.

Considering that games and sports have a crucial role in child development, our school attaches great importance to ensure the availability of well-equipped sports facilities within its body.

The following sports facilities are available in the body of the Near East Yeniboğaziçi Junior College:

  • 2 multi-purpose indoor sports halls,
  • 2 gymnasiums,
  • 3 large multi-purpose game halls,
  • 2 studio type halls,
  • Rhythmic gymnasium,
  • Multi-purpose dance hall,
  • Outdoor playgrounds,
  • Table tennis hall,
  • Athletics training area covered with tartan floor,
  • Outdoor basketball playgrounds,
  • Outdoor football playground,
  • Outdoor volleyball court,
  • Swimming pool.